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pink napkin


placemat "glamour"

50x50 Linen 100% Grey jacquard linen placemat for a festive table

runner „nordic deer“

50 % linen; 50% cotton Add a holiday cheer to your kitchen as the kitchen is the place where gathers all family! Make a nice Christmas gift for your friend!

tablecloth "caprice"

Spectacular tablecloth with a pattern. Such a piece of furniture to complement your home, and can also be a great gift. Any holiday table will look spectacular with a cloth. Tablecloth on the table should be beautiful - it's just such a tablecloth!

napkin "sweet"

Light pattern petals allow this unobtrusively tablecloths decorate interior of the house or suburban terraces.

runner beige


tablecloth "renaissance"

Noble blue linen tablecloth will impress time and time again, and the color will not fade even after a large number of washes. Drawing is made on a Jacquard loom and impresses with its elegance.

napkin in a red checkered

Classical dining room linen napkin in a red cage "Vichy" in the Mediterranean style is perfect for the modern dining room or restaurant

placemat "renaissance"

Linen placemat with jacquard pattern blue. The darker color compared to other wipes makes it less brand and more respectable.

white tablecloth 'milka'

Classical white tablecloth for universal table decoration. Combined with your favorite dishes, napkins and candles.